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Established in 2012, spread over 7 acres of land, with very close to Natural Paradise.

HILL STREAM RESORT is a boutique luxury resort located in scenic outskirts of Maldevta Hills in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The resort aim is to convey the enjoyment and excitement to live upto Nature, its timeless glamour. It’s in the most prestigious area of the resort destination, and feature some unique physical characteristics that make it truly remarkable.

All Garden, Forest & Hill View Rooms are carefully tailored with contemporary decor. While most of the rooms' offer a splendid view of valley, no negotiation has been done with privacy and comfort in any of the 24 rooms. Each room shall make a strong reference to the local culture, yet be designed with an Natural contemporary luxury feel, enriched by rare and lavish materials, featuring design furniture and custom-built details. The guest’s experience will be made flawless by an innovative luxury service concept, informal yet impeccable. The best complemented by a local food experience in resorts, and by exclusive function spaces, wants to become the city most coveted meeting point for the local high society.

We strive for excellence and perfection and inspire you to feel the unrivalled glamour of nature as well as supreme enjoyment through our service. Our aim is to exist with a remarkable name in the hospitality industry. To rejuvenate and refresh you, we deliver yoga and meditation session, fish spa, luxury accommodation facilities, trekking opportunities, jungle safari, camping, adventure sports.

Our Resort is totally, close to nature. We use Solar power system so as to save energy. Hill Stream Resort welcomes you, in the midst of unrivaled spotless beauty of the Himalayan Ranges. The resort embodies the joyous fun-loving spirit of Jungle Safari.

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